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Dog Behavior Training – Cabana  Manners Programs

Dog Obedience Training at Canine Cabana

Canine Cabana has the area’s most knowledgeable training staff, with over 30 years of animal behavior knowledge and hands-on dog obedience and puppy training. We know every dog isn’t the same, so we offer a variety of training programs, each tailored for your dog’s individual training needs. Whether you’re seeking a specific type of training, obedience, or a mixture of our manners, potty, and socialization programs, you can rest assured knowing your dog is in good hands.

New Obedience Training

Canine Cabana’s new obedience training is designed to help develop a positive and fun relationship with your dog and your family. We use positive, reward-based training techniques to encourage your dog to become a well-mannered part of the family. We will work to establish guidelines for your dog and give you the tools and knowledge to continue working on your dog’s obedience skills at home.

Private Dog Training

Our Private obedience training is done at Canine Cabana with daycare or lodging. Our training programs are completed throughout a 5-day interval. Besides all the fun training sessions, your dog will also have time to play and exercise in our beautiful outdoor play yards or airconditioned playroom.

We offer 1, 2, or 3-week programs to fit your dog’s behavioral needs.

Week 1 – We will work on relaxation, focus, or “watch me,” sit/stay, leash walking, and polite greetings on a leash.
These fundamental behaviors help with dogs not barking, not jumping up, separation anxiety, and attention-seeking behaviors.
Week 2 – We will continue to work week one skills. We start training door manners (waiting patiently at the door and not running through the door), bed or place (learn to be calm on a bed), down/stay, polite greetings off-leash.
This second week will continue to re-enforce your dog not barking, not jumping up, staying off furniture, not to whine for attention.
Week 3 – We continue to work week one and two skills, adding a recall (come when called), drop it (objects), leave it (objects and food)
With these strong skills, your dog will find it rewarding not to jump, not bark, not counter surf, and not whine for attention.

Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement

Why choose positive re-enforcement for your dog? You are building a relationship with your dog that will last for their lifetime. We want to make sure that the relationship is built on trust and understanding. With positive re-enforcement, you can teach your dog not to jump up, not to counter surf, not to whine for attention, and help navigate their world.

At the end of each program, you and your family will meet with one of our trainers during an hour-long consultation to review each goal and practice each skill. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and discuss future goals for your dog and your family.

How to get started?

We would love to speak with you to review your dog training needs. After learning more about you and your dog, we will schedule a day to complete a behavioral and training assessment.

After the training assessment, we will discuss options for what is best for you and your dog. Call us now to schedule your training assessment or click “here” to register, and we will call you within 24 hours. You are welcome to come in any day for a tour. We have the most extensive hours of any premium pet care facility in the area.
We look forward to speaking to you and meeting your furry best friend.