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Puppy Training – Riverview, Lithia, Brandon, and Surrounding Areas

Did you know that puppies have a critical learning period up until they are five months old? New experiences during this crucial phase have a significant impact on how your puppy will observe and react to unfamiliar situations throughout their life. Our Puppy Socialization Training provides fun and safe social, physical, and environmental experiences that are closely monitored to ensure your puppy is meeting developmental milestones. Puppies that are too young for basic obedience training will get a head start towards becoming a more balanced and well-behaved family member.

Puppy Socialization

Our puppy socialization program is a five-day program that customizes your puppy’s needs around multiple specialized behavioral sessions and playtimes during daycare. Your puppy will learn a variety of skills to take with them through their life.

    • Safe Puppy Socialization – Fun, trainer-supervised playtimes teaching polite interactions with other puppies and dogs.
    • Safe Human Socialization – Building positive associations with meeting someone new and learning how to greet people politely. This means no jumping up, sitting and being calm before being pet.
    • Bite Inhibition – Teaching your puppy proper play, what is too rough, and when mouthing needs to stop completely.
    • Leash Walking – Learning to be comfortable with walking on a leash and getting a head start on good leash training.
    • Handling – Being comfortable with handling ears, paws, and muzzle to help make veterinary and grooming trips more comfortable for your puppy.
    • Environmental Desensitization – Positively and safely exposing your puppy to new substrates, smells and sounds to help lower the chance of being fearful in new situations.
    • Crate Training – Teaching your puppy that crates are a safe space for them to relax.  Crate training is the best way to train your puppy to quickly understand where they are supposed to go potty. Crate training helps keep your puppy safe by not counter surfing, not chewing on your furniture and not ingesting something can be harmful to them in their environment.
    • Potty Habits – Setting your puppy up to be successful with learning to potty outside and minimize accidents while inside. Potty training takes consistency and repetition every day. Potty training is one of the most important behaviors to train early on in your
      puppy’s life.

At the end of the program we will schedule an hour long consultation to review everything your puppy learned, help you learn more about what to expect with your puppy at each developmental stage, answer any questions you may have and get your puppy ready for our Group or Private Cabana Manners Program.

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