Canine Cabana has the area’s most knowledgeable staff with over 30 years of hands-on training and animal behavior knowledge. Our team of trainers set foundational skills through positive, consistent and reward based techniques. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and information you need to have a well-mannered dog.

We know every dog isn’t the same, so we offer you a variety of programs, each tailored for your dog’s individual training needs that can be added to any stay.


Cabana Manners Programs

Private sessions with our team of dog trainers offered during daycare or lodging.

Level 1: Sit, Leash manners and Door manners
Level 2: Down, Polite greetings and Bed
Level 3: Recall, Leave It, Drop It

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Potty Training Program

Our programs for potty training incorporate consistency and supervision to help you and your puppy be a success. Cabana Manners Programs can also be added to this program.

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Private Socialization

Do you notice your pet is hesitant or reactive around other pets and people? After a behavioral evaluation and meeting with you to discuss your concerns, we can review options to help your dog develop better dog manners.


Behavior Consultations

Our knowledgeable team of trainers will listen to your concerns, complete a behavioral assessment and discuss options to help you and your dog.  We can help educate you about your dog’s language and behavior.  We welcome the chance to share our observations and help create a plan for helping your dog live a healthy and well-balanced life.