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When it comes to pampering pooches, Canine Cabana reigns supreme as the ultimate five-star retreat. Our team of trainers and caretakers boasts unrivaled expertise and years of hands-on experience in the pet hospitality realm. With a proud legacy spanning three decades, our top-notch dog lodging and training services are a testament to our unwavering dedication to animal well-being.

Not a typical dog kennel

At Canine Cabana, we offer a secure atmosphere. Our establishment is specifically made to allow pets to mingle, remain active, and have fun!

Discover more about Canine Cabana’s lodging experience and treat your dog with more pampering and attention with our Lodging Enrichment Programs.

Benefits of training your dog

Building a strong and happy relationship with your dog through training will benefit you and your family. The greatest option for training your dog is Canine Cabana. Our training staff has thirty years of experience with both practical puppy and dog training and animal behavior.

Learn more about Canine Cabana’s private dog training, puppy socialization training, or group training classes.

Day Care Services

Day Care Services

Canine Cabana recognizes the individuality of each canine. For this reason, our dog daycare services are tailored to the specific qualities and requirements of your canine companion. It is possible that you are engaged in home repairs while your dog enjoys the companionship of other furry companions. It is conceivable that your dog merely desires increased stimulation and motion. Regardless of the reason you choose to utilize dog daycare services, you can rest assured that Canine Cabana is the safest option in the area.

Spa Services

Spa Services

Canine Cabana recognizes the importance of regularly scheduled, top-notch bathing services in promoting the overall well-being of dogs by proactively treating issues related to their skin, coat and shedding. Our staff consists of qualified groom technicians who has extensive knowledge in safe and compassionate handling, as well as expertise in bathing, brushing, combing and drying processes for all types of coats.

Pet parents from Southshore, and around, now is the time to sign up your dog for some fun.
Your dog will love making new furry friends!

Let’s Get Started!

Please call us at 813-672-9663, or click here to register, and we will call you within 24 hours, so we can learn all about your dog and review your specific training needs. When we speak, we will schedule a Training Orientation so our team of trainers can spend time with your dog and conduct a training assessment. We encourage you to register for all three levels at the same time due to limited availability.