Doggie Daycare - At its Best

Dog Daycare at Canine Cabana

Canine Cabana offers dog daycare solutions that are not one-size-fits-all but tailored to meet the unique characteristics and needs of your dog. Maybe you are gone for the day running errands and meeting friends, having home repairs completed, your dog loves the company of other dogs, or your dog needs more engagement and activity! Whatever your reason for dog daycare, Canine Cabana is the safest in the area.

Orientation Day for Doggie Daycare

Every dog joining our daycare membership program will be scheduled for a Daycare Orientation Day which includes a comprehensive behavioral assessment performed by one of our dog trainers or animal behavior specialists. Once you complete your first day, we will review whether our Traditional Daycare, or Daycare Enrichment Program will be the best fit. Based on your frequency of visits for daycare and need for additional services, we will assist you with determining which daycare membership is the best fit for you and your dog.

Read more below on why our clients bring their dogs back for daycare, year after year.

Why Canine Cabana's Daycare?

Safest Dog Daycare

Canine Cabana has the safest activities and comes highly recommended by our current customers and local leading veterinarians. Our team is extensively trained in dog behavior and pack behavior. Our training includes thorough study of dog body language, anatomy, behavior, pet CPR and First Aid. This ensures our pet care team can proficiently assess each guest behaviorally and physically. All of this leads up to the best daycare you’ll find in Central Florida!

Once here your pet will enjoy an active and enriching day. We also offer Training, SPA services and more with our daycare programs.

Why do I need daycare?

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Day care activities ensure a mentally and physically healthier pooch.

Canine Cabana’s dog day care can help alleviate behavior problems such as separation anxiety, destructive chewing, and barking. These behavior problems can be a result of being left alone, being under-stimulated, or simply a lack of adequate exercise. The best dog is a tired dog.

If you spend time away from home during the day and do not want to leave your best friend home alone or your dog simply has too much energy and not enough ways to exercise, then Canine Cabana’s dog daycare is a perfect fit for you and your dog.

What happens during the day?

What happens at Dog Daycare?

Canine Cabana’s dog day care offers group playtimes, specialized activities, and daily enrichment programs for your dog.

We recognize that each dog is special and an individual. After their first day, we will speak with you and recommend an appropriate daycare program for your dog’s physical and behavioral needs. As a member in Canine Cabana’s Daycare Program, our Traditional Daycare Program allows your dog to play and socialize with his/her favorite four-legged friends. Our membership Enrichment Daycare includes specialized play times with quality one-on-one time with a loving team member and unique, fun activities.

Daycare enrichment programs that can include soccer, pool parties, water themed fun, training games and much more. Canine Cabana offers indoor climate-controlled play areas and over one acre of beautiful outdoor tree-covered play areas.

Call (813) 672-9663 now to speak with one of our reservation specialists to book your first stay.

Daycare Enrichment Programs

If your pet needs a little more attention, our daycare enrichment program is the best answer. This dog daycare program has mentally engaging activities to keep them happy and active. Personalized one-on-one attention guarantees their stay is full of adventure (and extra snuggles!).

We currently offer:

  • Art Activities
  • Obstacle courses
  • Water activities with pools
  • Themed events
  • Scent tracking and rubber duck hunts
  • Brain games – Puzzle feeders and mini training sessions
  • TLC time with pampering and cuddles

Come celebrate your dog’s birthday with us!

If it’s a special month for your dog, come celebrate a pawsome birthday with furry (or non-furry) friends at Canine Cabana!

1. Pick your dog’s Birthday Party theme:

  • Pink Hearts
  • Princess
  • Unicorn
  • Frozen (Disney)
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl
  • Luau/Hawaiian
  • Pirates
  • Outer Space
  • Star Wars
  • Super Hero
  • Jurassic Park
  • Circus/Carnival
  • Ask for more options!

2. Invite up to 10 furriends:

  • Personalized email invitations will be sent to your friends

3. Enjoy the Pawty!

  • A scrumptious homemade birthday cake will make your dog’s special day!
  • Decorations will be there and pawty guests will take home goodie bags!
  • Photos and a video of our team presenting your dog with a cake and singing Happy Birthday will be posted on our Facebook page

Contact us at 813.672.9663 and organize your dog’s Birthday Party. You’ll also get a birthday gift: a free day of daycare for your next visit to Canine Cabana!

Add Training or SPA services to your lodging or daycare reservation!

Who doesn’t need a li’l something extra?

I’ve had lots of doggy day cares in my years of having dogs and CC by far is the best. The dogs receive stellar care and it shows in how happy and content they are. The staff are kind, cheerful and know just how to calm a stressed or worried pet parent. I used to think “what are they drinking?“…it’s love. They love the dogs and they love their jobs (or seem to at least!). I never have to worry, Ziggy is in good hands here and he absolutely loves it!