Cabana Manners Programs

Cabana Manners Programs–Private Training with Daycare or Lodging

Canine Cabana’s obedience training helps develop a positive, fun, and rewarding relationship between your dog and your family. We use only positive, reward-based training techniques to encourage your dog to become a well-mannered part of the family. Training sessions are combined with daycare or lodging services in a 5-day program per level. We establish foundational skills and provide private consultations to give you and your family the tools and knowledge to continue working on good manners with your dog at home. Your dog will have a day full of fun, engaging training sessions, and plenty of time to play and exercise in our beautiful outdoor play yards or airconditioned playroom.

Level 1 Goals

We work on relaxation, focus, or “watch me,” sit/stay, leash walking, and polite greetings on a leash.

These fundamental lessons help discourage barking, jumping up, separation anxiety, and negative attention-seeking.

Level 2 Goals

While continue to reinforce Level 1 behaviors and goals, we work on door manners (waiting patiently at the door and not running through the door), bed or place (learn to be calm on a bed), down/stay, and polite greetings off-leash. This second week, we will reinforce no barking, no jumping up, staying off furniture, no whining for attention.

Level 3 Goals

In Level 3, we continue to reinforce Level 1 and 2 skills while adding recall (come when called), drop it (objects), and leave it (objects and food). With these strong skills, your dog will find it rewarding not to jump, not to bark, not to counter surf, and not to whine for attention.

Cabana Manners Programs – Small Group Classes

Our small group classes allow you and your family to receive semi-private coaching from our team of dog trainers. We schedule one-hour classes on the first four Saturdays of each month in our training facility. We work on each level listed above with four sessions per level.

Why Choose Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement?

Using positive reinforcement training rewards dogs with praise, extra attention, and food, making them want to repeat the rewarded behaviors. With positive reinforcement training, you will build a foundation of trust and respect that will last for the lifetime of your pet. Through positive training methods, your dog can learn not to jump up, counter surf, and not whine for attention, but to behave with a desire to please you and reward you with good manners and lots of love.

Consistency is the key to having a well-mannered dog, so at the end of each program, you and your family will meet with one of our trainers during an hour-long consultation to review each goal and practice each skill. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and discuss future goals for your dog and your family.

Stop by for a Tour

You are always welcome to come in any day for a tour. We have the most extensive and convenient hours of any premium pet care facility in the area. We all pet parents too, and we understand the importance of trusting your pet care provider, so we’re always ready for a visit!

Let’s Get Started!

Please call us at 813-672-9663, or click here to register, and we will call you within 24 hours, so we can learn all about your dog and review your specific training needs. When we speak, we will schedule a Training Orientation so our team of trainers can spend time with your dog and conduct a training assessment. We encourage you to register for all three levels at the same time due to limited availability.