Can I come in for a tour?

Yes, we highly encourage you to come in for a tour. We prefer you to come between 10am and 3pm to see our facility to avoid the rush of drop off and pick up, but we welcome you any time.

How can I check in on my dog staying with you?

During business hours you can check on your furry family member by calling us at 813-672-9663 or texting us at 813-607-4958. We keep track of playtimes, consumption, elimination, and overall wellness for every guest. We also post pictures of our playtimes on our Facebook page Canine Cabana Florida

What do I need to bring for my dog visiting?

For most reservations, you only have to bring your pup and that’s it! We have a wide selection of sanitized toys, bowls, freshly laundered bedding, and even gourmet treats!

If your dog is Lodging with us, we do provide a high quality organic dog food. However, if you would like to bring their own food please individually bag each meal to avoid any service fees. For puppies 6 months and younger, we ask that you bring their own food.

What vaccinations do you require?

We require Rabies (if 6 months and older), Distemper combination, Bordetella (Canine Cough) every 6 months, a yearly negative fecal.

For puppies, they must complete the full series of puppy vaccinations before joining us including all three series of Distemper vaccinations which can be completed as early as 4 months of age.

For tips on how to keep your pup healthy visit https://caninecabana.biz/keeping-pets-healthy/

Do you have team members stay overnight?

Our Pet Care team starts as early as 5:30 am and depart around 8:00 pm. We pride ourselves on the quality and engaging playtimes our guests experience on our 3 acres of property. By the time we do bedtime tuck ins, your pup is ready to sleep through the night in the comfort of their own private cabana while soft classical music plays.

How much are your bathing services?

We offer a wide variety of SPA services that cater to your dog’s breed and coat. We provide full-service Grooms, Spa Services, and a Standard bath. Pricing depends on dog breed, condition of coat and cooperation of your pup since not all pups are alike! Give us a call at 813-672-9663 to schedule your first day. You can leave the hair with us by scheduling a shed control treatment along with any bathing service. https://caninecabana.biz/spa-services/

How much is your overnight lodging services?

Our lodging ranges from $58-$96 per day. We offer a variety of activity packages that cater to your dog’s age, playstyle and special needs! To learn more about our services and get pricing for your pup, give one of our expert Reservation Specialists a call at 813-672-9663. https://caninecabana.biz/dog-boarding/

How much is daycare?

Daycare ranges from $30-$50. Canine Cabana has the safest daycare activities. We offer options for all dogs including traditional group activities and enrichment daycare for dogs that prefer smaller groups or time with one of our loving pet care professionals.

What is Orientation Day?

Our orientation days allow us an opportunity to get to know your pup and introduce them to our loving team and facility. It is a full day of enrichment daycare where our lead pet care specialists or dog training team complete a behavioral assessment to learn more about what your pup enjoys. Dogs are routine based so it is a great way for them to have a first paw experience before starting any of our services. Our orientation day is $50.

Can you give medication?

Yes we can! Since only our senior pet care specialists administer medication, there is a small fee for this. We ask that medication is kept in its original bottle.

Can I bring a bed or blanket?

We have comfortable premium bedding in our lodging accommodations that is laundered fresh daily. For sanitary reasons, we’re not able to accept beds from home. Simply request a blanket and we will be happy to provide one for your pup. After all the fun they have with us, we assure you they will fall right to sleep!

What is Enrichment Daycare?

This type of play is with a few other furry friends or one on one time with a loving team member based on your dog’s physical and behavioral needs. This program includes mentally engaging activities to keep them happy and active with soccer, pool parties, training games, and so much more! https://caninecabana.biz/dog-daycare/

Do you offer Dog Training?

We offer all levels of training for every dog with schedule options to fit your needs. Puppies are our specialty. Puppy Social is designed for our newest pups under 6 months of age. Our basic manners program, called Cabana Manners, is offered with daycare, lodging or in small group classes. We also offer some specialty programs for potty training and building social skills.