Puppy Socialization and Training

Puppy Training – Riverview, Lithia, Brandon, Gibsonton and Surrounding Areas

Did you know that the first five months of your puppy’s life is a critical learning period? New experiences during this phase have a lifelong impact on how your puppy will observe and react to unfamiliar situations. Our Puppy Socialization Training provides social, physical, and environmental experiences in a fun and safe environment to ensure your puppy meets developmental milestones.


Puppy Socialization

Our puppy socialization program is a five-day program for puppies six (6) months and younger. This customized program is designed to address your puppy’s own unique characteristics. We include specialized behavioral sessions and playtimes combined with daycare or overnight lodging while your puppy learns essential skills to enhance and strengthen the bond you share.

Safe Puppy Socialization

Fun playtimes led by a trainer to teach polite interactions with other puppies and more mature dogs selected to safely interact with young pups.

Safe Human Socialization

We help puppies build positive associations with meeting and politely greeting new people, with no jumping, and sitting calmly before being pet.

Bite Inhibition

Puppies learn what is too rough and when puppy mouthing and nipping needs to stop completely.

Leash Walking

Your puppy will get a head start on learning to be comfortable walking on a leash.


Becoming comfortable with having ears, paws, and muzzle handled ensures veterinary, and grooming appointments are more comfortable for your puppy and you.

Environmental Desensitization

Exposing your puppy to new surfaces, smells, sights, and sounds, in a safe and positive environment, decreases the likelihood of fearful reactions in the years ahead.

Crate Training

Crates provide a safe space for dogs to relax while creating healthy boundaries in the home. Crate training keeps your puppy safe from ingesting something harmful, such as houseplants, food off the counter, wood furniture, walls, and even those very expensive shoes.

Potty Habits

We help set your puppy up for success, so they learn to potty outside while minimizing accidents inside. Potty training takes consistency and repetition every day and is one of the most critical behaviors for puppies to master early in life.


Why Choose Dog Training with Positive Reinforcement?

Using positive reinforcement training rewards dogs with praise, extra attention, and food, making them want to repeat the rewarded behaviors. With positive reinforcement dog training, you will build a foundation of trust and respect that will last for the lifetime of your pet. Through positive training methods, your dog can learn not to jump up, counter surf, and not whine for attention, but to behave with a desire to please you and reward you with good manners and lots of love.

Consistently practicing good manners is the key to having a well-mannered dog, so we will meet with you for an hour-long consultation at the end of the program and teach you how to reinforce everything we’ve introduced. You will leave knowing what to expect at each developmental stage and how to help your pup navigate the world around them. We’ll answer all your questions and discuss the next steps for achieving long-term success in one of our Group or Private Cabana Manners programs.

NEW: Puppy Power Hour

Free gathering for puppies under 6 month! If you have a new puppy or know a friend who has a puppy, join the Puppy Power Hour to socialize your puppy and get tips and advice from our team.

Call us at 813.672.9663 to learn more, spread the word, and join our Puppy Power Hour!


Stop by for a Tour

You are always welcome to come in any day for a tour. We have the most extensive and convenient hours of any premium pet care facility in the area. We’re pet parents ourselves, and we understand the importance of trusting your pet care provider, so we’re always ready for a visit!


Let’s Get Started!

Please call us at 813-672-9663, or click here to register, and we will call you within 24 hours, so we can learn all about our puppy and review your specific training needs. We will schedule a Training Orientation so your puppy can visit Canine Cabana and spend time with our team of dog trainers. We encourage you to register for the Puppy Social program and Cabana Manners at that time due to limited availability.