Partnering with Pet Parents to Keep Pets Happy & Healthy Throughout the Year!

At Canine Cabana, keeping pets healthy is our top priority. We want to share some of the many precautions we take and what you can do to keep all pets healthy throughout the year.


We never stop cleaning! Our team at Canine Cabana is trained to use the industry’s best practices for thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting enclosures, bedding, bowls, common areas and play areas, multiple times per day. This is standard practice.

We maintain proper humidity levels, air circulation and ventilation to eliminate the spread of bacteria and viruses.

We conduct a thorough pre-entry wellness check for each dog to ensure that we do not accept any dogs who show signs of respiratory illness, including a runny nose, sneezing or a cough. In the event we observe any of these symptoms upon check-in, we will not accept the dog. At the same time, we ask that pet parents not bring dogs to Canine Cabana who are showing any of these symptoms.

We routinely monitor all consumption, elimination, behavior and overall health of each pet, each day, and notate any changes in the pet’s file. If we see a runny nose, hear a cough, or suspect any sort of illness, we contact the pet parents. If we are unable to reach a pet parent, we will not hesitate to seek veterinary attention for the pet.

We require all pets have up-to-date vaccinations including Rabies, Distemper/Parvo combo and Bordetella biannually.


If you have an upcoming reservation with us, we ask that you not take your dog to a dog park, another pet care facility, or anywhere dogs come in contact with each other, prior to visiting Canine Cabana, since we have no way of knowing if all the dogs your dog may encounter have been properly vaccinated.

While we always hope to have the pleasure of providing all your pet care needs, we encourage you to select one pet care facility as your pet’s “home-away-from-home” and avoid ever switching back and forth between two or more facilities, since this can put all dogs at risk. Even if your pet doesn’t become ill during this process, he or she may be exposed to an illness and carry it to the other facility.

Stay up-to-date on vaccinations and try to ensure your dog is vaccinated one to two weeks prior to playing with other dogs. This helps prevent the spread of anything they may have been exposed to at the veterinarian’s office. It also prevents any chance of viral shedding from the vaccinations received.

Keep your dog very active, since just like humans, the extra activity helps promote and maintain a lifetime of good health and happiness for your furry family member.

We are thrilled to provide a safe and fun place for your pets to come stay, play, train, as well as receive wonderful spa services too! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.