Spa Services

Canine Cabana understands that regularly scheduled, high quality baths promote an overall healthier dog by proactively addressing skin, coat, and shedding concerns. We have a team of certified groom technicians who are educated about safe, compassionate handling, bath, brush, combing and drying techniques for all coat types.

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Grooming and Spa Services

Appointments are scheduled with one of our certified groom technicians. They can be booked independently or with any of our daycare, lodging or training services.

  • Bubble Bath and Blow Dry
  • Full Coat Brush Out
  • Haircut
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim
  • Face, fanny and feet trim as needed
  • Cologne and Bandana

Specialized Spa Services for our Spa Baths:

Shed Control Treatment – Leave the hair with us! Recommend scheduling this wellness treatment every 4-6 weeks to stay ahead of your dog’s normal shedding cycle.

  • Specialized Shed Control Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Full Coat Blow Out
  • Brushing to remove loose hair

Healthy Skin and Coat Treatment – This treatment is formulated to address various skin and coat issues. Regular treatments will help reduce itchy, dry skin.

  • Specialized Sensitive Skin Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Additional Treatment Time to Exfoliate, Moisturize and Soothe Skin
  • Full Coat Blow Out

Specialized Spa Services For All Bathing Services:

  • Nail Filing – This service leaves nails shorter and smoother to promote healthier nails.
  • Oral Care – Two step wellness treatment to promote healthier dental hygiene, and it leaves your dog’s breath smelling fresh.
  • Dematting and Shaving Services – Specialized service for pups with additional skin and coat needs.

Standard Bath

  • Bath and Towel Dry
  • Nail Trim
  • Cologne and Bandanna

Wash And Go

  • Quick Bath and Towel Dry

“Teddy looks so darn cute after his spa day. He looks totally different when I got him, I just love the spa days at Canine Cabana because he looks so fresh and fluffy. They are great with him and he loves them so much.”

-Hillary D.

“Our girls come home smelling so clean and fresh, and their fur feels softer and fluffier than its ever felt. Not to mention, when we arrive at Canine Cabana for their baths, they can hardly get out of the car fast enough because they know they are there for a spa-like experience. We treat our dogs like royalty, and we appreciate Canine Cabana going the extra mile to do the same.”

-Debra H., Gracie Belle and Sophie Rose’s mom.

Call us at (813) 672-9663 (WOOF) or reserve a daycare, lodging, or training service to book an appointment and pamper your pet!