Cabana CaresCareComparison Shopping for High Quality Dog Care

February 24, 2019

Who are you trusting to care for your dog?

Selecting the best professional for boarding, dog daycare and training.

I am certain you have heard the question, ‘are you comparing apples to apples?’.  This refers to comparing two or more items and assessing their equality to one another.


When traveling, I spend a lot of time comparison shopping hotels and resorts depending on where I am going, if it is for business or personal, how many people will be traveling with me, location, amenities of the hotel, online reviews and the business responses, and cleanliness.  I have been fortunate to travel enough to understand the star ratings on hotels.  A 5-star resort and a 3-star will have all the basics:  clean beds and rooms, courteous staff, and food options.  My personal choice for a 3-star hotel will be familiar in layout and amenities no matter where I travel.  I have a reasonable expectation that there will be fewer team members, less one-on-one customer service, no room service, no valet, less choices and access to knowledgeable team members, services and amenities.  They are designed to and will meet minimal standards.


When I choose to stay at a 5-star resort, my expectations increase significantly.  I am not simply seeking a clean room and bed.  I want a hotel that will ensure exceptional service, quality care, and anticipate my needs.  I can choose what fits my ideal vacation: wine pairing dinners, snorkeling, ski rentals and lift tickets, or spa treatments.   If I have a need or want to know about a local restaurant, there will be a knowledgeable professional to help me at any time.  To meet this level of expectation, this company must invest in team training with a focus on specific skillsets.  At first thought, the team would consist of reservations professionals, customer service experts, concierge, valet and housekeeping.  Less often considered, but equally important team members are security, food service, first aid and emergency preparedness. 


So, what’s my point? 


As you may be aware, the options of pet care providers have changed significantly in the last few years.  The entry of and into the pet care industry has raised many concerns.   All pet care providers are not equal.  Every pet owner must consider the expertise and knowledge of the person and/or facility in which they choose to trust with the care, safety, and overall well-being of their beloved pet. 


Did you know that there is no regulation or oversight of pet care providers or facilities in Hillsborough County or the State of Florida? Each of us is independently held to our own level of standards.  At Canine Cabana, we exceed all the industry standards for daycare, lodging and training.  We attend professional conferences, are members of professional industries, sit on professional boards to establish and promote ethics and standards within the pet care industry and invest daily in our community, business, facility and team.  We choose to consistently educate our team and provide the highest level of care.  In doing so, we make a commitment to you and your dog now and for a lifetime.


We believe that education is critical for all pet parents. Relying on an ‘Uber style’ app to choose a pet care provider must be an educated decision. A simple, quick internet search on how to choose a dog daycare, boarding facility, pet sitter or trainer will provide you with an excessive amount of information. Asking the right questions, when considering your options for who to entrust with your beloved pet, is critical.  Understanding their policies, emergency procedures, knowledge of animal care, behavior, and experience level is fundamental. We want you to have the knowledge and expertise to make a true apple to apples comparison when searching for the best person to care for your dog.


Canine Cabana’s mission is to provide a safe, active and healthy recreational environment that meets canine physical and behavioral needs, while improving the quality of life for both dogs and the owners who love them. We are highly recommended by local veterinarians and our clients for dog daycare, lodging and training. Call us today at (813)672-9663 for additional information.

What happens if your dog doesn’t eat while you are away? We have procedures in place to closely monitor your dog’s food intake.

What happens if my dog bloats? If your pet care provider doesn’t know the signs or how to handle this condition, your dog can die quickly.
‘Had he not gone to daycare that day, … and (team) not had the proper training and attention to his care, Cartman would no longer be alive.
They fill his days with fun and joy and we have incredible peace of mind that his is in the most amazing, watchful care.’ by Cartman’s Mom.